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August Wilson African American Cultural Center champions artists and programs that reflect universal issues of identity illuminated in the works of the 20th century’s greatest American dramatist and which still resonate today.

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August Wilson: The Writer’s Landscape
Permanent Exhibit

August Wilson: The Writer’s Landscape

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center, one of the largest cultural organizations in the country focused exclusively on the African American experience and the arts of the African diaspora, will create The Writer’s Landscape, the first-ever exhibition dedicated to the life and works of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson.

August Wilson: The Writer's Landscape and all galleries will be closed August 6, 2022 and September 16, 2022.

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Ricardo iamuuri Robinson Radio Gulf
Sep 8th - Jan 29th, 2023

Ricardo iamuuri Robinson Radio Gulf

Radio Gulf is a sound installation by interdisciplinary sound artist Ricardo iamuuri Robinson. This new work of art considers a plethora of social gaps by dissecting the game of golf. It interrogates elements of racism, colorism, classism, acculturation, gentrification, imperialism, militarism, economics, ecology, defensive architecture and the sound of a people determined to be recognized as full human beings. A miniature golf fairway encourages attendees to reconsider if this way of living has been fair at all.

Shani Crowe presents Red, Black, and Green
Jun 10th - Sep 25th, 2022

Shani Crowe presents Red, Black, and Green

Red, Black, and Green is a collection of contemporary Pro-Black propaganda, imagined in the colors of and in tribute to the Pan-African flag. Just as the Pan African Flag was created as an emblem of unity and pride for all people of African descent, this exhibition seeks to promote the same principles using materials and references that are staples in Black Culture. Featuring photographic portraiture, yarn tapestry, and beading, Crowe seeks to reinvigorate the themes of unity, reflection, and self-affirmation, all of which were a part of her upbringing.

Amber Robles-Gordon: The Architect, The Oracle
Jun 10th - Oct 2nd, 2022

Amber Robles-Gordon: The Architect, The Oracle

The title of this exhibition, The Architect and The Oracle, were extracted from the featured above images, titled The Male, The Architect, The Protector; The Universe and The Female, The Oracle, The Nurturer; The One, The Source Within. Therefore, they are also referred to as The Male and Female. Male and Female are divided into four parts; each has an outer and inner circle. The external circular forms represent the potentiality of masculine and feminine energy within the black male and female. Simultaneously, the inner circles represent our connection and reliance on ourselves, each other, and the universe.

Oct 22nd - Jan 29th, 2023


OPTICVOICES: Mama’s Boys is an interactive, mixed-media exhibit that orbits the healing of mothers who have lost their sons due to systemic violence and aims to fossilize their legacy. The vessel of cinematic and provocative storytelling is captured through the galvanizing lens of Emmy Award-winning, multidisciplinary artist, Emmai Alaquiva. The kindred journeys of mothers around the world are shared through artistic love letters in the form of photography, film, mixed media and augmented reality.

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Bridging Divides

Like our namesake, we believe in the beauty of connecting with all people. Wilson often said he didn’t write for Black or white audiences, but rather about the black experience in America.

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Empowering Expression

We believe that creativity is boundless. From gypsy cab drivers to Blues divas, Wilson’s work tenders no apologies and evokes love sonnets of black struggle and triumph, offering clarion tributes to the ancestors gone before, living in eternal memory.

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For over a decade, the non-profit August Wilson African American Cultural Center has embraced Wilson’s magnificent legacy. We believe by celebrating black culture and fostering the exchange of ideas, we can transform how people think about the world.

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