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August Wilson African American Cultural Center champions artists and programs that reflect universal issues of identity illuminated in the works of the 20th century’s greatest American dramatist and which still resonate today.


September 19-22, 2024
The Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival presented by Citizens has become one of the coolest music destinations in the country. Jazz in multiple genres, newly commissioned music, unique collaborations between artists, emerging artists alongside legendary music makers, hip jam sessions…it is an experience not to miss.

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Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival

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August Wilson: The Writer’s Landscape
Permanent Exhibit

August Wilson: The Writer’s Landscape

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center, one of the largest cultural organizations in the country focused exclusively on the African American experience and the arts of the African diaspora, will create The Writer’s Landscape, the first-ever exhibition dedicated to the life and works of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson.

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Limitless Africans
Apr 26th - Jul 7th, 2024

Limitless Africans

Limitless Africans is a documentary photography series that focuses on the lives and experiences of 50 LGBTQ African immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Photographed over 6 years in 10 countries, this work is in conversation with precolonial African notions of LGBTQ people as the gatekeepers, shamans, and healers of their communities and combats contemporary ideas that it is “un-African” to be LGBTQ. Limitless Africans was released as a published monograph in October 2019.

Xippi, Heritage, and Metamorphosis: Voices in West African Art
Apr 26th - Jul 7th, 2024

Xippi, Heritage, and Metamorphosis: Voices in West African Art

This exhibition unveils a captivating collection of artworks originating from diverse regions in Western Africa, including Dakar, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. An interplay of colors, textures, and forms harmoniously weave together, creating memorable visual narratives. These visual vocabularies are a testament to the immense creativity, storytelling, skill, and cultural significance of the remarkable artists behind them. The exploration invites you to transcend stereotypical interpretations, offering a fresh perspective on African art that encompasses the realm of futurism.

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Bridging Divides

Like our namesake, we believe in the beauty of connecting with all people. Wilson often said he didn’t write for Black or white audiences, but rather about the black experience in America.

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Empowering Expression

We believe that creativity is boundless. From gypsy cab drivers to Blues divas, Wilson’s work tenders no apologies and evokes love sonnets of black struggle and triumph, offering clarion tributes to the ancestors gone before, living in eternal memory.

August Wilson’s Legacy

Envisioning the Future

For over a decade, the non-profit August Wilson African American Cultural Center has embraced Wilson’s magnificent legacy. We believe by celebrating black culture and fostering the exchange of ideas, we can transform how people think about the world.

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