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Shani Crowe presents Red, Black, and Green

Red, Black, and Green is a collection of contemporary Pro-Black propaganda, imagined in the colors of and in tribute to the Pan-African flag. Just as the Pan African Flag was created as an emblem of unity and pride for all people of African descent, this exhibition seeks to promote the same principles using materials and references that are staples in Back Culture. Featuring photographic portraiture, yarn tapestry, and beading, Crowe seeks to reinvigorate the themes of unity, reflection, and self-affirmation, all of which were a part of her upbringing.

About Shani Crowe
SHANI CROWE is an interdisciplinary artist who received her BFA in film production from Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications in 2011. Shani’s work is centered on traditional African coiffure, beauty ritual, and how African aesthetics can be re-contextualized to foster connectivity and unity among people of African descent. A life-long Braider, She most notably creates complex braided hairstyles and captures them as photographic portraits. Beyond her portraiture, Shani applies the materials and techniques of braiding to sculpture, performance, fibers, and installation art.

Shani’s work and performances have been featured at the Broad in Los Angeles, on Saturday Night Live in collaboration with Solange Knowles, the Museum of Contemporary African and Diasporan Art (MoCADA), in Brooklyn, NY, the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, in Grand Rapids, MI, and at Miami Art Basel. Shani was part of the ensemble that represented the United States at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. She lives and works on Chicago’s south side.

Flower Tail
Flower Tail: Archival ink print on paper (2022)

RBabyG: Archival ink print on paper (2017)

SIS FLAG: Archival ink print on paper(2022)