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May 30

Reasons to Give Back to Your Community

When you give back to your community, you have the opportunity to make an impact on the people around you by helping to further important endeavors such as art, education,…

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Apr 29

Making a Difference With the August Wilson African American Cultural Center

Giving back to your community is a positive experience that not only makes you feel good but also makes a positive impact on your community. One way you can help…

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Mar 27

Coming Soon – Summer Visual Arts Exhibition

Coming Soon to AWAACC Summer Visual Arts Exhibition, Race and Revolution: Still Separate- Still Unequal Start the spring season by visiting the August Wilson African American Cultural Center to experience…

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Feb 22

5 Reasons to Visit The August Wilson African American Cultural Center

Featuring world-class art exhibitions, musical, dance, and theatre performances by national and internationally-recognized artists and more, the August Wilson Cultural Center is a place for the arts, storytelling, learning, and…

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Feb 19
Feb 14
Feb 14
Feb 13
Feb 11
Jan 28

Upcoming Cultural Events in Pittsburgh

With January coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about your plans for February! With so many exciting events and performances coming up at the August Wilson African…

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Dec 28

Free Things to do in Pittsburgh

Exploring Pittsburgh’s culture has never been easier. With a range of free things to do, from art galleries to parks, Pittsburgh is filled with many ways to experience the beauty…

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Feb 22