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Rental FAQ

What are the steps for renting the AWAACC?

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the rental inquiry form
  2. Schedule a consultation
  3. Schedule a site visit (if the renter would like one)
  4. Once an agreement on the date and time slot are agreed up on, then an estimate and contract for the event will be made

* NOTE: The Rental Inquiry Form must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to your event date to be considered.

What dates are available?

First step in the rental process is to complete a Rental Inquiry Form, once the form is completed date availability is discussed during the rental consultation.

What is the rental fee and what does it include?

The rental fee varies on the type of event you have and what day of the week you hold your event. The rental fee includes the rental of the venue, tables and chairs etc.

Do you have an in-house caterer or list of preferred caterers?

We have a list of approved caterers that we share with renters that get updated yearly.

See our list for 2022 here!

Can I choose my own caterer?

Yes, however there is $500 fee associated.

Are there adequate kitchen facilities?

Yes. We have a prep kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink and spacious countertops.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No, we have a vendor who we work with that supplies alcohol. You will fill out a bar form to let us know what alcoholic beverages you would need for your event.

How do I reserve The Event Room for my event?

Begin with a rental inquiry form. Our staff will reach out to discuss your event and hold a date on the internal calendar.

How do I schedule a site visit?

It would be a pleasure to give you a tour of our venue. A date for a site visit would be discussed during the rental consultation.

Are candles or other open flames allowed?

Candles are welcome at the event room, but they must be in a protective glass, such as a votive. Open flames are strictly prohibited.

Do you allow smoking?

There is a strict no smoking policy inside the center.


You will need to contact the AWAACC staff member assigned to the event as soon as possible to discuss cancelation options. Cancelations fees may apply.

Are there limitations on decorations?

Yes, nothing hanging from the ceiling, and nothing can be put on the walls. You are welcome to decorate the reception hall to fit your needs with any decorations that can be removed, without any harm to the venue. No nails, staples, tapes or glues that leave a sticky residue. Balloons are prohibited.

Is The event room wheelchair accessible? How close is the parking to the venue?

Yes, the center is wheelchair accessible. There is parking in walking distance of the center.

For more information about the Centers accessibility features and parking options for the Center click here.

Am I responsible for any of the cleaning?

All items brought in by you, your vendors, or your guests will need to be removed. All of the tables should be cleared, with only the linens remaining. We have housekeeping that will take care of the trash and other remaining debris, garbage that can be disposed of accordingly.

Can I come in earlier and decorate if I am having my ceremony at another location without purchasing additional hours?

The dates for load in, event set up, and load out will be discussed during your rental consultation. If you need additional days for set up, please contact your rental consultant as availability will need to be checked and additional fees for those days will apply.

Can I drop items off on or before my event?

Yes, please contact your rental consultant to inform them of date and time of drop off.

Can we cook onsite?

Only our list of approved caterers has use of the kitchen.

Does center provide security and if so, how many guards?

We do have 24/7 security in the building, but we have 1 off duty police officer for every 150 persons in some cases with events.

Is there internet or Wi-Fi provided on-site?

Renters will be given a password to the Center’s Wifi on arrival. Dedicated internet connections that require higher speeds or hardwired connections such as for live streaming should be discussed with your rental coordinator. Additional fees may apply.