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Our Song

October 13, 2023 - October 22, 2023



Oct 13 – Opening 7pm
Oct 14  – Mat at 2pm
Oct 15 – Mat at 3pm
Oct 20 – 7pm
Oct 21 – Mat at 2pm
Oct 22 – Mat at 3pm


Our Song is a coming-of-age musical that explores the rich history of African Americans from slavery to present-day triumph as a teenage girl navigates finding her authentic voice in the midst of deep-seated family secrets.

A musical narrative that travels through history; from the African Slave Trade, through the Transatlantic journey, reaching new lands, into the Civil Rights and Jim Crow Era to the present day. The production is an academic and emotional musical journey through historic time periods, with songs and rhythms from the continent of Africa to the powerful soul-stirring Gospel music of today. Audiences will traverse through pain and sorrow, emerge into triumph and victory, and celebrate with an on-going hope for tomorrow.

Purpose of the Project

  • To present the rich and turbulent history of African Americans through music, storytelling, narration, and video.
  • To remind African Americans, who are still plagued by complex and continuing challenges, that they are surrounded by ancestral witnesses that have gone before them and continue to guide them on the journey.
  • To invite the entire nation to recall the great gains that have been achieved by African Americans in spite of epic challenges.
  • To center faith as key to resilience of African Americans and reinvigorate the faith of those who have been so discouraged by the realities of the times.

Generous support for this project provided by the Richard King Mellon Foundation.