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Cue Perry: Who Are You? (W.A.Y.)

Who Are You? (W.A.Y.) is a journey in self-discovery and authorship within Black culture. In this work, Cue Perry takes the viewer through a series of portraits and abstract paintings within the subtext of popular cultural icons and events that have shaped and defined the many splendored Black experience. Layering textured abstract, intricate linework and smooth-blended acrylic painting techniques, each image tells an interpretive story of Pittsburgh cultural icons and history.

1839 Gallery Presented by Comcast.

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: Saturday, February 12, 2022 from 5:00-8:00 PM

Opening remarks by Comcast and Janis Burley Wilson, and toast and remarks.

Pittsburgh native Cue Perry has been quietly pursuing a career in the arts his entire life. His practice is informed by applied technologies, graphic design, computer programming and street art. Perry takes an unconventional view of cultural, social and political concepts deconstructing pop culture through vibrant portraiture and abstract paintings. Recognized as one of Pittsburgh’s 40 under 40 in 2021, Perry has become an accomplished local household name selling nearly 4000 original paintings worldwide.

“My Art isn’t for the safe, level -headed, boring, single minded person. It’s not for the practical, It’s not for the rational person. It’s not for the calm, businesslike, no-nonsense crowd. I want my art to speak to the wild, creative open minds who dare to express themselves. The minds who aren’t afraid of fun, I want to excite the untamed and untapped creative parts of the mind “ – Cue Perry